Try This: Laser Engrave Doormats

Learn to customize conventional doormats with this method

Use your laser to customize conventional doormats. Create fun designs or personalize them to make unique gifts.

Material required:

  • Single-color doormat

Machine used:

  • Speedy 400, 120 watts
  • 4″ lens
  • Vacuum table

For this sample, you can use any machine of the Speedy laser engraver series, or an equivalent from another manufacturer. Just be certain you are using a doormat that will fit in your bed size.

Pro tip: Due to the coarse structure of the doormat, we used a lens with a long focal length to compensate for the unevenness of the material.

Step One: Import the design

screen shot 2019 10 01 at 11.07.48 am

Decide on what design you wish to use for your doormat. You can make your own design or import our template.

Send the job to the laser using the driver settings below.

Print settings:

screen shot 2019 10 01 at 11.08.05 am

Pro tip: You can use a lower resolution to reduce production time. Since a doormat is typically viewed from the distance, the resolution does not need to be as high.

Step Two: Engraving the doormat

screen shot 2019 10 01 at 11.11.56 am

Put the doormat into your laser. Determine and adjust the parameter settings. The recommended settings can differ depending on the laser machine used and laser power available.

Laser Parameters: Engraving

screen shot 2019 10 01 at 11.08.23 am

Pro tip: Since a doormat is typically viewed from the distance, a resolution of 333 DPI is sufficient.

  • Engrave logos of companies, sports clubs, or other organizations and extend your customer base.
  • Slogans for private house builders or the first apartment are perfect for individual promotional items.

engraving textile door mat 1 scaled

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