Try This: Laser Cutting Wooden Gift Tags

Are you looking for new ways to serve the gift-giving market? Add a personal touch to gifts using your laser system to make custom wooden gift tags and sell them online or to retail stores. These festive tags are not just for the holiday season. Change up the design or message, and they can be for any event, from birthdays and anniversaries to other special occasions.

Materials used:

  • Wood blanks (1/8″ thick alder from Colorado Heirloom)
  • Ribbon/string
  • Fusion Pro 32 (80W)


  • Raster engraving: Speed: 65% / Power: 100% / DPI: 500 / Dithering Pattern: Stucki / Bottom-up engraving
  • Vector cutting: Speed: 25% / Power: 100% / Frequency: 10%

Step 1: Prep the artwork

Start by customizing your artwork as necessary.

laser gift tag

Step 2: Determine your parameters

Consult your owner’s manual for recommended engraving/cutting settings for your machine and wattage. Enter your settings within the dashboard, and send the job to the laser.

laser gift tags

Step 3: Prep your material

Insert your wooden sheet, press go and let the laser go to work.

laser gift tags

Step 4: Clean up

Once the job finishes, wipe away any residue from the tags and let the gift-giving begin.

laser gift tags

Selling laser-cut gift tags

If you’re looking to sell custom laser-cut gift tags, consider reaching out to retail shops or selling them via an eCommerce site or craft fairs.

Jeremiah Jekich

Jeremiah Jekich

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