Trotec to Open a New Regional Service and Support Center in Seattle

The new facilities bring the total number of locations in the United States to 11 service and support centers.

trotec_275x275Plymouth, Michigan-based laser engraving and cutting equipment maker Trotec Laser announces the opening of its new regional service and support center in the Seattle area. Scheduled to open in Q4, the new facility will be fully equipped with lasers, materials, and accessories to be used for laser demonstrations, educational workshops, and materials testing.

The new office will be used to support a growing number of educational workshops designed to provide training on laser technology and promote an understanding of how lasers can add value to a business. Workshop agenda items will cover laser skills-such as how to use a rotary attachment, how to use JobControl Vision, and other tips and tricks and laser best practices-as well as presentations designed to help businesses become more profitable.

The new service and support center will house high-speed lasers from the company’s Speedy flatbed product line, laser cutting systems from its SP laser series, and select laser marking equipment. Laser systems will be outfitted with a variety of options and accessories that add valuable business capabilities, such as a rotary attachment for engraving round and cylindrical items, vision registration software for creating precision cuts and engraving, and Trotec’s Flexx laser technology, which combines a CO2 laser for cutting and engraving a wide variety of materials with a fiber laser for marking plastics and metals.

Trotec president Warren Knipple says the new service and support center plays an important part in broadening the resources, information, and support the company offers its customers before, during and after a laser purchase.

“Our new location is part of a larger strategy to better support our community of laser users with more training, better technical support, and easier access to our team of laser experts. The idea is to help them make the most of their laser investment, so they can grow business and increase profitability,” says Knipple.

Other regional sales and support centers are located in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan (U.S. headquarters), North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia. The new facilities bring the total number of locations in the United States to 11 service and support centers. Four additional distribution centers-located in New Jersey, Mississippi, Illinois, and California-are dedicated to the company’s broad line of laserable and engravable materials.

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