Trotec Set to Open New Facility in Anaheim

The company has doubled the number of its locations in the past five years to get geographically closer to its customers.

Trotec Laser
Trotec Laser

Plymouth, Michigan-based laser engraving and cutting equipment maker Trotec Laser is set to open another new regional service and support center in Anaheim, California. The grand opening will be held on Thursday, May 16th. At the open house, the company will unveil the new facility’s range of lasers, materials and accessories that will be used for laser demonstrations, educational workshops and materials testing.

According to the company, the space will serve to support educational workshops that provide training on laser technology and promote an understanding of how lasers can add value to a business. Items on the agenda include demonstrating a range of laser skills, such as how to use a rotary attachment, how to use JobControl Vision, and other laser best practices. There will also be presentations designed to help businesses become more profitable with laser engravers.

Trotec Laser president, Warren Knipple, says the company has doubled its number of locations in the past five years as part of a strategy to provide more training, technical support, and easier access to the company’s growing team of laser experts.

“The new service and support center will play an important part in broadening the resources, information, and support we offer our customers before, during, and after a laser purchase,” says Knipple. “The idea is to help them make the most of their laser investment so they can grow business and increase profitability.”

Other regional sales and support centers are located Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan (U.S. headquarters), North Carolina, northern California, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. Four additional distribution centers-in New Jersey, Mississippi, Illinois, and California-are dedicated to the company’s line of laserable and engraving materials.

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