Training Programs for Shop Skills

Improve your safety, efficiency, and quality the right way. 

Start from a point of open conversation when it comes to training programs. While there is a lot of commonality between your shop and others in the industry, something that works great at one print shop may not work the same for you.

Walking in and announcing, “This is how we are going to operate from now on!” is a difficult way to get buy-in from your employees. Talk to your team and find out what they think would help cement their skills in the position they fill. Your employees probably have a good idea of how they learn best and what could help them succeed in their roles. Don’t be rigid in your approach to training. Everyone learns a different way and keeping an open dialogue with your trainee opens new ways of thinking you neglected to notice.

How do you implement training?

Little by little. You might want to see an overnight change when you’ve come up with your brilliant new training program but expecting it will almost always result in disappointment and frustration for everyone. People generally don’t like change. Over time if it is truly a better way of operating, the trainee will see it and embrace the change. You must be persistent in getting your team to practice the new technique or method but be patient as they adjust.

What needs to be highlighted?

Any business would agree there are three main focuses when implementing a new training program: safety, efficiency, and quality. If you are improving on any of these three areas, you can’t go wrong.

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