The Wrap Institute Rolls Out Endorsed Trainers Program

Pate says the installers his company chooses to endorse exemplify TWI's slogan, "Never Stop Learning."

The Wrap Institute Rolls Out Endorsed Trainers Program
The Wrap Institute Rolls Out Endorsed Trainers Program

Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute announces a new feature from the organization: TWI Endorsed Trainers.

Pate says that as the wrap industry continues to expand, there are more and more trainers providing hands-on instruction. The danger, he says, is that taking a lesson from an unqualified instructor amounts to a waste of money in the short term but can do real damage long-term if an installer has picked up bad habits or misinformation.

He notes that The Wrap Institute itself does not provide hands-on workshops, but it does support the programs of all credible manufacturers. Within that network, Pate and his team have chosen to highlight several who fit the criteria that exemplifies his company’s slogan, “Never Stop Learning.”

Among the criteria for endorsement are: a minimum of five years of installation experience using full-print, color change and PPF vinyl on a wide variety of applications including walls, windows, floors and vehicles; having achieved certification from one or more manufacturers; demonstrated professional proficiency with a wide variety of manufacturer’s wrap films; and maintain a neutral bias toward manufacturers in terms of instruction and information.

To view all of the criteria for becoming a TWI Endorsed Trainer and to see a list of trainers endorsed so far, click here.

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