Screen Printing: Improvements in Post-Press Efficiency

New developments in screen printing technology help improve efficiency during post-press activities. Automatic screen reclaiming systems, for example, reduce the labor and supplies needed to wash out screens and prepare them for reuse. Such systems help screen printers save time while reducing material waste. They also help keep employees safe by eliminating exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Another option for improving post-press efficiency is a disposable screen system. Screens come at a high cost for printers. The cost of the mesh is substantial, but the cost of labor for screen setup and reclaiming is often even more costly. Disposable screen systems would eliminate several of the labor-intensive steps involved in setting up and reclaiming reusable screens.

Disposable screen technology is already prevalent in some industries, such as CD printing, because small-format screens are cheaper to replace than reclaim. Advancements that could bring this type of technology to larger-format markets, like T-shirt printing, could drastically reduce post-press labor and help facilitate the need for rapid production and turnaround.

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