The Challenge of Configuring a DIY Fume Extraction System

Is it feasible for a laser operator to put together their own extraction system?

At first glance, DIY solutions often seem like viable low-cost shortcuts. Most people move forward with DIY fume extraction projects thinking, “It’s a fan, how hard can it be?” From an engineering perspective, specifying the right fan or blower for the job is actually quite involved and requires calculations and research.

When attempting a DIY solution, HVAC make-up air and balancing issues still need to be considered. Electrical safety, mechanical safety, and whether or not the final execution reliably keeps the workplace safe, in terms of air quality, are critical liabilities that a business must take seriously. Engineered solutions take all of this into account for you and your business. Consulting with HVAC professionals or specialized filtered fume extractor manufacturers will likely save you time and money in the long run.

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