The Benefits of Shrink Wrap Sublimation

Shrink wrap film sleeves have changed the paradigm of sublimation transfer

The introduction of shrink wrap film sleeves (also known by brand names such as SubliShrink) has changed the paradigm of sublimation transfer. Introduced to remedy the challenges of imaging uniquely shaped objects, shrink wrap film sleeves give digital decorators the ability to sublimate a new variety of tapered drinkware and handle-less wine tumblers using a convection oven.

The sleeves also provide an alternative way of producing handle-less items typically made with a mug press such as ceramic coin banks and aluminum water bottles. Typically, dwell times for shrink-wrapped items are lower than conventional wraps. This new way of imaging drinkware produces full, all-around images.

Read more on the required equipment for shrink wrap sublimation.

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