The Benefits of Giving Back to Your Community

Aside from the good feeling one gets from donating to a great cause, it could boost your business as well.

Giving back to the community can take many forms including time, effort, money, and product. I had an opportunity to give back to my community last year when I was able to donate 1,000 running buffs to a non-profit organization called Girls on the Run. When you donate to a local cause or non-profit, there are benefits for the recipient and the donor.

First, the organization gets the donation to help further the cause, possibly covering a cost that now frees up funds for other priorities in their budget. For the donor, the benefits come in several forms.

In my situation, I was introduced to organizational leaders in my community that I might not have met otherwise. My business also received some direct exposure to the organization and public exposure via social media from several different entities that were involved in the donation. The advertising boost could go even further if the information is communicated through a local newspaper or trade magazine that the business is connected to. Let’s also not forget the good feeling one gets from donating to a great cause.

Extra tip: Be sure to check with your local tax consultant to see if your business can receive a tax break for the donation.

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