The Benefits and Drawbacks of Stateside Manufacturers

Is it better to go with a substrate supplier that is stateside or overseas? It depends on your needs.

In the awards industry, staple substrates for desk awards are crystal, glass, and acrylic. Very little crystal is manufactured in the U.S.; a couple of companies produce glass and several work in acrylic. There are overseas companies that do work in acrylic, but delivery and communication can be difficult to deal with for most retailers. The stateside acrylic companies and the warehouse companies carry crystal and acrylic product deep with a mark-up. Stateside companies know that they need to earn your business every day. They will sometimes give volume discounts and or offer exclusive designs for program orders.

A significant reason for staying stateside is support, faster delivery, and the ability to create custom pieces to fit your customer’s need. Sixteen weeks is a long time.

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