Textile Exchange and ReBlend Join Circle Economy’s Cotton Recycling Pilot

Textile Exchange and ReBlend announce plans to join Circle Economy's Cotton Recycling Pilot.

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AMSTERDAM-Textile Exchange and ReBlend announce plans to join Circle Economy’s Cotton Recycling Pilot. All three organizations focus on initiatives to improve and innovate textile recycling.

Circle Economy describes the Cotton Recycling Pilot as a program designed “to help leading brands and retailers achieve their near-term commitments and address key barriers to recycling post-consumer textiles at scale.” Through the 12-24 month program, the organization aims to improve supply chains, define real costs, and address chemical safety issues, among other points.

“Through this partnership, Textile Exchange and ReBlend will support the work of the Cotton Recycling Pilot and share data and insights from past projects and ongoing work,” says the foundation in an announcement.

Textile Exchange is a non-profit that identifies and shares best practices in farming, materials, processing, and traceability in the global textile market. ReBlend is a textiles label based in Amsterdam that identifies itself as a “change agency for fabrics and fashion with a positive impact.”

Circle Economy says it is currently still seeking additional partners for the pilot program.

For more information, visit http://printwear.ly/84l23Xx.

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