Swiss Brand QWSTION Develops Sustainable Fabric from Banana Plants

Bag and accessories maker QWSTION unveils a fabric derived from banana plants. 

qwstion Bananatex
qwstion Bananatex

ZURICH, Switzerland-Bag and accessories maker QWSTION unveils a fabric derived from banana plants. Dubbed Bananatex, the company touts the fiber as “the world’s first technical fabric made purely from banana plants.”

In a report by Fast Company, the company says the inspiration for developing the fiber comes from the need for an alternative to other synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester which use fossil fuels and often send microplastics into waterways when washed. QWSTION’s fibers, which the company currently uses to make backpacks, are derived from abacá, a Philippine plant that is part of the banana family. Its fibers are sometimes referred to as Manila hemp.

Hannes Schönegger, co-founder and CEO of Qwstion tells Fast Company that the company took note of the resilience that the fiber has and has been developing the product since 2015. The result is a lightweight, biodegradable backpack that is plastic free.

While the company only currently uses the fiber to produce bags, other sustainability initiatives at QWSTION yield accessories and jackets made from other eco-conscious materials like organic cotton. “Close to 100% of the fibers used in our products are natural and renewable,” the company says on its website.

To watch a video about QWSTION’s development of Bananatex with partners in Taiwan, visit https://www.qwstion.com/en/bananatex.

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