The Benefits of Swing-Away Presses for Small-Format Sublimation

If you plan to do small-format sublimation, you want to invest in this type of heat press

The types of items you can sublimate seem almost limitless, as there are thousands of different sublimation blanks on the market. These range from mousepads and cell phone cases to award plaques and slate mementos. What these items have in common is the need for a swing-away heat press. The swing-away presses offer a wide range of options and provide years of use. They are a better choice for sublimation items because they give more consistent, straight-down pressure. They also allow for thicker items to be pressed with even pressure, making for less ruined blanks. Also, the heat platen moves out away from the base, which makes for a safer environment for laying out your projects.

The drawback to the swing-away style press is the need for a larger workspace to allow for the heat platen to swing away. Also, more physical work is required by the operator, as you have further to reach to move the heat platen back and forth. Some presses in this category are considered drawer presses. These have a bottom platen that pulls out like a drawer so you can work without the heat above you. With a drawer model, there is less physical work since you do not have to swing the heavy heat platen away. There are also presses that swing in addition to having a drawer pull.

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