Successfully Sublimate Satin Garments

Set your sublimation sandwich up to avoid unwanted marks.

Satin can be sublimated if it is 100% polyester-based. Sublimate at 390 F for 45 seconds using light to medium pressure.

Avoid stamp marks or press marks on sensitive polyester fabric, such as satin, from transfer paper edge lines and bottom padding lines using the foam pad method. Contact your sublimation supplier for the foam padding. This inexpensive padding allows for soft-touch, light-pressure treatment of sensitive fabrics.

These steps will guarantee no paper lines, and no bottom padding lines:

  1. Cut the foam pad to a size smaller than the outer edges of your transfer paper, and larger than the sublimation ink image area.
  2. Press the machine with light pressure, so that the vapor foam pad is only compressed 50%. Do not fully compress the foam pad. Make sure the transfer paper hangs past the edges of the foam pad.

Read more about avoiding transfer marks on garments.

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