Sublimation Niche Markets: Theater

Entertain your revenue by doing sublimation for the theater world.

The theater world is full of profit potential when it comes to sublimation. Recently, I attended a Broadway production of Beetlejuice, and after the show, we presented members of the cast with sublimated wallets. We presented them packaged with our business cards and are now in talks with their promotional team on creating products for the play including displays and swag.

This is a perfect example of how you can present your sublimation services to a niche market. Whether you’re going on a personal or business trip, or attending an event outside of work, think ahead of where you’re going to visit and who you will see. Plan ahead and create samples to present to various businesses.

Using the theater experience as an example, present them with mugs, T-shirts, or wallets all sublimated with images and designs that specifically speak to that play. For Beetlejuice, think glow-in-the-dark sublimation and fluorescent colors on T-shirts and mugs. Think bizarre graphics and odd designs that speak to the themes of the play sublimated on ChromaLuxe panels for audience members to purchase afterward. And always provide your business card with the items.

The key factor is to get it into the marketing/promotional team’s hands. Products specifically catered to them gives them ideas on displays and gifts for not only the cast, but for the audience. It costs pennies to create samples but could potentially lead to a large order.

-Michael Kaminsky, Sublimation101

Michael Kaminsky sublimation

Michael Kaminsky


Michael Kaminsky is the CFO at Sublimation101 in Branchburg, New Jersey. He has been with the company since June 2015 and practicing sublimation for over 25 years, and he has led training classes at THE NBM SHOW (now GRAPHICS PRO EXPO) since 2000.

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