Stratacache Partners with China’s BOE for Full Line of LCD Displays

Stratacache recognizes its new Chinese partner's innovation, quality and competitive pricing, CEO Chris Riegel says.

Stratacache Partners with China's BOE for Full Line of LCD Displays
Stratacache Partners with China’s BOE for Full Line of LCD Displays

Dayton, Ohio-based Stratacache, a digital signage and content distribution solutions provider, announces a partnership with China-based BOE Technology Group, which the Ohio company calls a global leader in the semiconductor display industry as well as an Internet of Things company.

Under the agreement, the pair will bring a full line of branded LCD display technology to market. Stratacache will broaden its full marketing technology offering, which includes hardware, software and services, with displays delivered under two leading brands in its family of marketing technology companies. Further, the partnership will bring BOE immediate distribution growth, leveraging the Stratacache client base of 15,000 customers worldwide in more than 100 countries while helping Stratacache provide the highest quality display technology and new functionality to its customer base.

Via an OEM agreement, the displays will be available globally from Scala and Optika Display, two companies under the Stratacache umbrella.

“There is a clear ascendency of the Chinese display companies in the global display industry,” says Chris Riegel, CEO of Stratacache. “BOE, as an IoT company providing intelligent interface products and services for information interaction and human health, is highly competitive in display innovation, quality, capability and pricing on a global scale. Bringing this technology into the Stratacache delivery model allows us to fully extend our solution offering of hardware, software and services to our clients, with excellent cost performance and a proven, established global support system.”

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