Stormtech Partners with Canucks Sports and Entertainment

Stormtech partners with Canucks Sports and Entertainment (CSE). 


VANCOUVER, B.C.-Stormtech partners with Canucks Sports and Entertainment (CSE). The deal encompasses the Vancouver Canucks NHL team and their home stadium Rogers Arena.

As part of the partnership, Stormtech supplies uniforms for the organization’s staff and team. The company also says it has created a “curated retail collection of Canucks-branded merchandise” for the team store at Rogers Arena and online.

“We are excited about the partnership as it makes sense for Stormtech in so many ways,” says Michael Dalzell, vice president of marketing at Stormtech. “We’re supplying quality corporate apparel for the CSE uniform program, supporting our local distributors, and introducing our new retail offering to Canucks fans.”

To launch the partnership, Stormtech introduces the Stormtech Photo Challenges. The initiative encourages fans to share photos of themselves and their loved ones in the outdoors on Instagram and via the Canucks website while using the hashtag #StormtechPhotoChallenge.

The new partnership grows Stormtech’s portfolio of diverse companies which also includes Silicon Valley firms and heritage auto companies.

For more information, visit www.stormtech.ca.

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