StickerYou Launches History of Stickers Museum

The exhibition takes place at the company's sticker store in Toronto.

Canadian-based StickerYou, a custom sticker producer, announces the launch of the History of Stickers Museum and Stickers: RePEELed. The art exhibition takes place at the company’s sticker store that opened in 2019 in Toronto, Canada.

The History of Stickers Museum showcases the history, development, and influence of the adhesive sticker, from how it affected the UK postal system in the 1800s to inspiring pieces of street art around the world today, the company states in a press release.

Moving through history from the 1700s, the museum features artifacts including a UK penny black stamp from 1840, an original decal vase from the 1800s, fruit crate labels from the 1910s, Wacky Packs stickers from 1974, a vintage Velvet Underground album with an Andy Warhol-designed banana sticker on the front, and more.

Curated by Dave and Holly Combs, editors of the seminal sticker zine Peel Magazine, Stickers: RePEELed takes a look at the unifying art of stickers, bringing together hundreds of pieces of original sticker art from around the world. 

The exhibition includes works from artists including Shepard Fairey, who celebrated the 30th anniversary of his iconic Obey Giant sticker-turned-brand last year, Rodger Beck, Robots Will Kill, Matthew Hoffman, and more.

“The History of Stickers Museum and Stickers: RePEELed showcase StickerYou’s deep knowledge of stickers and the impact they can have on business and personal expression,” says StickerYou founder and CEO Andrew Witkin. 

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