Speight’s Trophy Shop Moves to New Home

The North Carolina-based awards and personalized gift shop opened its doors in a new location.

Speight's Trophy Shop Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Speight’s Trophy Shop Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Back in November, family-owned Speight’s Trophy Shop moved to a new location in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Owner Jeffrey Speight says he and the family decided to move the shop to be in a better location with more space.

When space became available in a high-volume shopping district, Speight took up the opportunity to move the shop. “The location we were at was a very small building,” says Speight. “We just needed more room.”

This is the third location for the business that got its start in 1982, with the first being in downtown Rocky Mount. According to Speight, his parents began the business and he’s been there the whole time. When Rocky Mount divided into two counties about 34 years ago, Speight’s moved across the street from where it first started, and it remained there until this past November.

“We were in our previous location for most of the time we’ve been in business,” Speight states.

Throughout that time, Speight’s altered its offerings to include custom gifts, drinkware, pictures frames, and other products along that line, expanding from trophies and plaques.

“We’re not doing hand engraving as much now,” Speight elaborates. “Everything’s pretty much done with the laser now.” He adds that they hope to get another laser engraver this year, as well as add another employee toward the end of the year.

As far as the new shop goes, Speight says the local reaction has been positive. They’ve had new customers that didn’t want to go to the old location because it was far out, according to Speight.

“We’ve got so much more room and a better display,” he concludes. “We’re still providing the same service, it’s just in a better location and it’s easier to get to.”

For more information, visit www.speightsnc.com.

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