Skinzwraps Diversifies into Profitable New Markets

Skinzwraps expands business beyond its core vehicle wrapping services

Dallas-based wrapping expert Skinzwraps expands business beyond its core vehicle wrapping services into many other profitable markets.

Established in 1998, Skinzwraps markets itself as a full-service vehicle wrapping company. It works with customers across the U.S., and its traditional customer base spans commercial vehicles, personal car wraps, fleet vehicles, buses, and even boats. Now, the company is exploring new areas using Drytac solutions.

Since October 2019, the company has built on its wrapping experience and explored new projects using various vinyl and adhesive film solutions.

CJ Reichwein, vice president of sales at Skinzwraps, explains, “Our typical work would include the wrapping of commercial and passenger vehicles for advertising or custom color changes. However, Drytac solutions have enabled us to channel our wrapping expertise into the creation of stunning floor and wall graphics too.”

Among some of the more recent projects, Skinzwraps printed a vintage Le Mans mural using ReTac Smooth 150 for a private client.

A client’s garage with a glass wall looking into his living room. Here, Skinzwraps created a vintage Le Mans mural.

Other work has included producing and installing wall graphics for seafood restaurant chain Shell Shack, which has locations across Texas. With a new venue opening in Florida, Skinzwraps printed and installed graphics on 13 walls around the building’s interior over a period of a day-and-a-half using ReTac Smooth 150.

ReTac Smooth 150 was used to decorate the new Shell Shack in Florida.

Reichwein continues, “We now have a wide variety of clients, and we help them fulfill projects from conception to installation. Most importantly, our clients love our work; whether it is promoting a business or personalizing a vehicle, we are ready and eager to help!”


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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