Signs Your Exhaust System is Not Working Properly

Be on the lookout for these issues with your laser's fume extraction.

Are you finding a lot of residue buildup after even a small engraving job? Do you sometimes see smoke building up inside your machine that’s not quickly being exhausted out? These are signs that your exhaust system is not performing to factory specification. Smoke and fumes should be barely visible as the exhaust fan whisks them away. This could be from buildup residue in the exhaust fan blades, ductwork, or the thin exhaust plenum inside your laser system. Flexible hoses are particularly prone to residue buildup as well as being the home for all those small pieces that “disappeared” mysteriously. Take a close look at these areas for buildup or small pieces and residue that could block airflow. Ductwork or fans may need to be replaced over time to bring the airflow back to recommended air volume and pressure.

-Mike Fruciano, Coherent

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