ShopBot Declares First Open House a Success

The open house attracted people of all ages, and the company made plans ahead of time to make sure the kids were engaged.

Durham, North Carolina-based ShopBot Tools, makers of CNC routers and accessories, recently held its first open house at its headquarters and it reports that more than 200 people showed up for the four-hour event.

The open house was free and open to the public, and featured the company exhibiting and running demos on its entire line of tools and equipment from small to large-everything from the Handibot Smart Power Tool to its 5-Axis CNC machine. It also showed off the newest tool in the company’s lineup: the Desktop MAX ATC. The latter was used to cut a full-sized guitar body out of a block of mahogany.

Visitors to the open house were invited to test out some of the tools on their own, with some even creating things they could bring home. Kids and adults made badges, cut out marble puzzles, drew graffiti with the help of a Handibot, and even made their own personalized chocolates.

Several raffle prizes were handed out, including free basic training sessions at the company, some digital vector clip art libraries, and a variety of miscellaneous items made by ShopBot staffers.

(Information courtesy Jennifer Nix)

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