Issue Preview: E-Commerce Software, Workwear, Window Graphics, and GP+ LookBook

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO September

In the September issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail on Aug. 29 and hit a screen near you on Aug. 30, print and graphics professionals cover attracting new business opportunities with branded workwear, moving your company forward through online sales, and factors to consider when creating and installing window graphics.

Plus, don’t miss GP+ LookBook, which spotlights the newest blank-apparel styles.

E-Commerce: The Future of Business is Digital

Stefanie Galeano-Zalutko

  • “A company’s website alone quadrupled in magnitude of importance – and not just to sell.” — Andy Evans, SAGE
  • “The future is ripe with opportunity, yet shop personnel feel mounting pressure to do more with less amid ongoing supply chain fluctuation, inflationary pressure and labor constraints in a post-Covid world.” — Jay Malanga, ShopWorks
  • “With the right tools, technology has the power to revolutionize businesses in the sign and print industry by enhancing efficiency, creativity, and sustainability.” — Lila Carsten, shopVOX
  • “The other contemplation is digital marketing strategies and tactics can capture prospective customers, while e-commerce can convert these prospects into customers.” — JP Hunt, Inktavo
  • “Think about how the rise in and versatility of webstores has changed the dynamic. Once before, you had a group administrator manually collecting all the orders and money, then coming to the decorator and beating him up to get the best possible price.” — Dave Dauer, Webstores Simple

Workwear: Beyond Branded

Adam McCauley, Sandlot Sports

  • “When it comes to workwear, having your company logo emblazoned on your apparel can make a significant impact. The reality is that first impressions count.”
  •  “Branded workwear has a hidden superpower. It unifies your team. When employees wear the same logoed attire, it creates a sense of belonging, fostering team spirit and camaraderie.”
  • “Branded workwear reinforces your commitment to quality and tells customers you take your business seriously. It’s like a silent handshake, sealing the deal.”

Window Graphics Considerations

Chris Rodkey, Vinylbomb

  • “Windows are prime real estate space for sale signage, new promotions, and branding. Window graphics are so common that manufacturing them on the right combination of ink, base, and laminate should be a piece of cake, right? The truth is producing window graphics can be more complicated than you think.”
  • “It is important to know there are clear and optically clear films available. Optically clear films allow spot graphics to seem like they are floating or CAD-cut on the window. They also allow specific areas to be translucent or transparent with the right ink.”
  • “Noticing what adhesive is being used and what properties the adhesive holds is very important. Does it need to be removable, permanent, or changeable? How long will the film be applied for? Is it expected to last a day, months, or years?”

Find these articles and much more in GRAPHICS PRO September.

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