Sandcarving Smaller Signage for Profit

Nameplates are just one example of smaller signage you can sandcarve

There are several products you can make that are in the smaller item category. Nameplates are one such item, along with room number signs or room name signs as you would find in hotels, professional buildings, galleries, and museums. I am sure you can think of a few more applications for smaller signs. Most of these small signs look best if blasted from the back of the glass (if glass is your substrate) and blasted to a nice depth, which gives the text a three-dimensional look.

Nameplates usually don’t require any special treatment so that they can be read easily, but room signs, if made from glass, often need a dark background as well as some means of attaching them to the wall. In many scenarios, we end up having a piece of metal fabricated that is slightly larger than the glass itself. Using metal as a backdrop can be finished in many different ways, from a flat solid color application to a patina imitating a variety of looks.

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