Ryonet Unveils Project 376 Eco-Conscious Initiative

Ryonet unveils a new program entitled Project 376. 


VANCOUVER, Wash.-Ryonet unveils a new program entitled Project 376. Officially announced on Earth Day 2019, the initiative outlines goals by the company to employ more eco-conscious practices in the near future.

“Project 376 is a project that takes a holistic viewpoint to first acknowledge the current state of screen printing, build awareness of healthier means of production, educate on the financial and health opportunities of change, with the goal of education to actually improve the lives and work environments of printers, their customers, and effectively empowering the printer,” the company says in an announcement.

The name Project 376 references the company’s custom green hue, Ryonet Pantone Green or #376.  In the near-term, Ryonet plans to improve the cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness of its Sgreen Green Chemicals line. The line features chemicals for screen-printing tasks like ink and emulsion removal. Additionally, the company says it will discontinue its Screen Opener product in summer 2019 and share “alternative methods that are more cost effective and easy for any printer to implement.” Other changes include ink alternatives slotted for early 2020.

“Our mandates are that we will strive to offer the most effective screen-printing products that are eco-friendly, and remain cost competitive,” the company adds.

To see the full lineup of Ryonet’s Project 376 schedule, visit https://www.screenprinting.com/blogs/news/happy-earth-day-project-376-is-here.

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