Rotary Engraving Noses Part 2: Advantages

Engrave with consistent depth using this system.

The advantages of noses include: 

  • Having consistent engraving depth is the major plus and a convenient location for a chip removal. 
  • An advantage that’s not always obvious is the pressure a nose exerts steadies the material and makes the material stick better to the table.
  • A well-leveled table can engrave without a nose, provided the material you are engraving is a consistent thickness, but itsnot a simple task to achieve with all the possible irregularities in table flatness, material thickness, and adhesion to the table.

For a nose to work best: Use a chip removal system, the spindle must have over-travel capability, the software must apply over-travel, and most importantly, make sure the cutter is properly set.

-Fred Schwartz, Quality One Engravers

Look back on Part 1 for the challenges of rotary engraving noses. 

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