Report: Fruit of the Loom Cuts 100 Jobs at Headquarters

Local news outlet WKNY reports the cuts are in Fruit of the Loom's information technology department.

fruit of the loom
fruit of the loom

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Fruit of the Loom announces plans to cut 100 jobs at company headquarters in Kentucky. Local news outlet WKNY reports the cuts are in the company’s information technology department.

The report says that Fruit of the Loom is transferring IT services to Wipro Ltd., an IT and consulting firm based in India. WKNY says the company projects the transition to commence now through March 2020.

To read the full report, visit https://www.wnky.com/fruit-of-the-loom-outsourcing-cutting-100-jobs-at-bowling-green-headquarters/.

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