Report: Flat Panel Display Market to Reach $190B by 2026

Electronic digital signage is just a portion of what's driving the continued growth of these products in a variety of markets.

Report: Flat Panel Display Market to Reach $190B by 2026
Report: Flat Panel Display Market to Reach $190B by 2026

According to global industry research firm Allied Market Research, which is based in Portland, Oregon, but also has offices in Brazil and the UK, the flat panel display market is expected to grow at a 6% compound annual growth rate, leading to a revenue mark of nearly $190 billion globally, by 2026.

The study cites the retail market as having the largest share of the entire global flat panel market in 2018, accounting for nearly one-fifth of total sales. The demand for interactive kiosks and table displays continues to drive the growth, the study says.

Another major driver of flat panel display market growth, which is not related to the electronic digital signage market at all, is the growth in the demand for automobile applications, the study found. In fact, that segment-vehicle displays of various sorts-is expected to experience 10.5% annual growth through 2026.

Liquid crystal displays-common in the retail, hospitality and education markets-will continue to be the dominant type of display through 2026, the study found. LCDs are commonly used in digital clocks and music systems. The study also cites growth in OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays, which are used in smart phones but also by companies such as LG for its larger-format displays.

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