Purex International Opens Fabrication Facility

The facility will help feed the main manufacturing and assembly with fabrication and fabricated parts.

Purex International fabrication facility
Purex International fabrication facility

Purex International, a supplier of fume extraction systems, announces the opening of its new fabrication facility located in Brough, United Kingdom, located less than 30 miles away from company headquarters in Thorne, United Kingdom. Cabinets and fabricated parts of Purex fume extraction equipment will be produced there from now on.

“This fabrication facility will help feed the main manufacturing and assembly in Thorne with fabrication and fabricated parts, rather than outsourcing,” states Brad Banfill, vice president of Purex Incorporated. Banfill is based out of the company’s U.S. location in Schaumburg, Illinois.

With no longer having to rely on outside fabrication, Banfill explains Purex will be able to better manage its supply. “As we grow, it allows us to make sure that we’re situated in a position to be able to take care of that,” he says.

Banfill elaborates on the process to open the new facility, which was mostly handled out of the UK. “It has been in the works for the past nine months to a year,” he adds. That process included finding a proper location, hiring the proper staff, and acquiring the right equipment to take care of its needs there.

Purex officially opened the facility and started producing parts at the beginning of April, but it was running prior to that for a few months to install a large flatbed laser, some press brakes, and welding cells to be able to take care of everything it needs, along with training new staff hired to run the facility.

“What our customers will get out of it is insurance that Purex will be able to maintain quick deliveries while we continue to grow,” Banfill concludes.

For more information, visit www.purex.co.uk.

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