Properly Printing onto Vinyl

Can any regular printer be used for this application?

Inkjet vinyl is synthetic material with an adhesive backing, which has a wide range of uses, from hobbyists and home-based businesses to enterprises and well-known shops. Most printable vinyl is intended to be used with a regular inkjet printer; however, users need to consider which applications they want to use, as different usage may have different requirements and, hence, need to choose the proper printable vinyl/inkjet printer accordingly.

For example, vinyl used on outdoor applications needs to be durable and weather resistant. Another point is the type of output materials. When printing on clear vinyl, users may get washed-out color if they only use CMYK to print on clear vinyl. For such material, a printer with white ink is a must to create graphics with saturated color. A regular printer can print on vinyl, yet not all vinyl is compatible with all kinds of ink, or suitable for all sorts of applications. Pick the vinyl based on the applications being used and use a proper printer to produce desired print jobs.

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