Produce High-Quality Signage with Sublimation

Inject some creativity into each and every signage job

A key aspect of sublimation is its ability to produce high-definition graphics and photos. This takes signage to a new level because the most effective signs are the ones that catch your attention from a visual perspective. It has been proven that people respond more favorably to pictures than to text, and sublimation gets superior marks in that department. It gives your shop the opportunity to inject a lot of creativity into each and every sublimated signage job.

Signage sublimated with photos can do much more than just provide a visual image. And with an average ink cost of less than a penny per square inch, the cost of producing products that are printed from edge-to-edge (full bleed) is low. In addition to great imaging, sublimation makes it easy to produce signage that is instructional and informative.

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