Print Shop Raises Funds for La Palma Volcano Victims

The proceeds of the solidarity T-shirts are donated to help those who suffered from the volcano's effects

Since the La Palma volcanic eruption began on Sept. 19 in Cumbre Vieja, Spain, local organizations have been doing what they can to help those who have been impacted.

As reported by Reuters and El Time, the Los Llanos de Aridane-based print shop, Creaprint, has been selling solidarity T-shirts to help raise funds for those who have lost their homes and jobs due to the eruption.

Ginés de Haro, the organizer of the solidarity T-shirt initiative, tells GRAPHICS PRO, “I’m from La Palma so I have family living there and many friends who have suffered the Volcano’s effects. As I wanted to help and I couldn’t really donate a lot of money on my own, I thought about some way I could make a difference.”

imagen la palma resiste
(Image courtesy Creaprint)

De Haro continues, “I had seen a photograph from Ramón de la Rocha (right) that was really shocking to me. That’s when I realized I could use that picture of the Todoque’s sign post because it meant resilience and resistance. In fact, the slogan of the T-shirts is ‘LA PALMA RESISTE!'”

De Haro then teamed up with Pedro García Salguero, owner of the Los Llanos Creaprint, to design, print, and sell the T-shirts. Each selling for 12 euros, 70% of the proceeds are donated to Los Llanos de Aridane City Hall, with the remaining percentage covering the cost of the T-shirts.

“The message is that La Palma will stay strong. This is just a small contribution to help people who’ve been affected,” remarks García Salguero.

According to De Haro, the campaign does not have an end date, as the T-shirts will remain on the market as long as people wish to help the victims.

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