New Jersey Print Shop Owner Receives Veteran Business Award

U.S. Army veteran Ken Tays received the award from the New Jersey State Veterans Chamber of Commerce and the American Legion

U.S. Army veteran Ken Tays, the owner of a Minuteman Press franchise in Newark, New Jersey, was recognized with the award for “Veteran Business under $3 Million” by the New Jersey State Veterans Chamber of Commerce (NJSVCC) and the American Legion at the Disabled Veteran and Veteran Business Summit.

The summit connected over 100 veteran-owned businesses with private companies and state agencies to help facilitate partnerships on upcoming projects.

“It was a real honor to attend the summit, connect with so many other veterans and supporters of veterans, and receive such a prestigious award from the New Jersey State Veterans Chamber and the American Legion,” remarks Tays. “My business, Minuteman Press in Newark, is a small, veteran-owned franchise, and an event like this is really helpful and inspiring to me.”

Ken Tays
U.S. Army veteran Ken Tays outside his Minuteman Press franchise (Image courtesy Minuteman Press)

Advice from a veteran business owner

Tays served in the U.S. Army for 11 years and then earned his degree in financial services. In 2019, he bought Minuteman Press in Newark, New Jersey.

As for why Minuteman Press is the right fit for veterans, Tays states, “I feel like this is my business, and yet Minuteman Press provides me with that security blanket of local support and guidance. I have no printing experience, and the training and ongoing assistance from Jim Galasso and the local field staff here in Newark really helped me. I know I can contact anyone in the company, and they will respond and be there without breathing down my neck all the time.”

For those looking into business ownership or franchising, Tays advises, “I would say that I looked at a lot of businesses. Find something that is a good fit for you, and find a franchisor that has what you’re looking for. I spent several months doing my due diligence, and once you make that decision, you have to be committed.”

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