Pricing for Engraved Products to Satisfy You and Your Customer

Remember: you can't make a profit if the customer isn't happy.

Of course, the ultimate goal for any engraving business is to make money. To do so, you need to set up some sort of pricing plan. Ask yourself: how can I easily create a pricing structure that is fair to my customers? Pricing your engraved products in a way that supports your business and your customer finds agreeable can be accomplished by using a relatively simple formula:

  • Minimum Charge – to cover the time setting up the job
  • Origination Charge – to cover the time required to create any logos or artwork
  • Size of Job – to account for material costs
  • Amount to be Engraved – to calculate the time required to complete the job
  • Waste – estimate any material used for samples for testing or approval

Another common method for calculating price is to establish a retail price for the item being sold and charge by the character for the engraving. This is particularly common when selling personalized items such as platters or award plaques.

-Elena Iogha, Gravotech

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