Precisely Position Your Designs in CorelDRAW

Rely on more than the eyeball method for positioning the elements in your design.

Clicking, dragging, and releasing gives you the eyeball method of positioning any design element. Positioning using grids and guidelines is a more accurate way to arrange items in a layout. Go to Windows>Dockers>Grids to bring up the guidelines docker, or to Tool>Documents>Grid to open up grids. I’ve always found the guidelines to be more useful to work with. However, even though I was unsure of the accuracy factor at first, using numbers is by far the most precise way to position elements on the page-something I rely on regularly, especially in the final stages of the design process. 

Whenever any object is selected, the height and width are displayed in the properties bar along with the horizontal distance between 0″ and the top edge of the object. These numbers are accurate and reliable out to three decimal points in the properties bar with the ability to change the horizontal measurement from left edge to center or right edge, and the vertical measurement from top edge to center or bottom edge. The Transformation Docker (go to Windows>Dockers>Transformation>Position) is another way to position objects accurately. 

-Jim Sadler 

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