Pitch Symbolic Awards to Corporations

Corporations may need to be reminded that gift cards and other incentives do not always have the same impact and return as a symbolic award. 

Corporate awards are still a large market for awards retailers; however, pitching new ideas that they may not be aware of is important in maintaining a long-lasting relationship. Remind them of the impact symbolic awards have on an employee’s achievement. When an employer gives monetary awards like gift cards or bonuses, they’re used quickly and then forgotten. Though an employee may say they would rather have cash or a gift card, these often become viewed as an entitlement or part of an employee’s salary. When that happens, the effect of using this form of recognition is less than that of a symbolic award. When an employee receives a symbolic award, they have something to cherish for a lifetime.

The connection to the award produces loyalty. Employees who are recognized appropriately with a symbolic award tend to be more engaged and productive at work. It’s incredibly important to recognize a recipient in a meaningful way because the words and actions of the presenter tie into that occasion and achievement.

If your corporate client is on board with your pitch, we recommend crystal awards for a symbolic award because of the perceived high value.

-Jen Jezierski, Crystal D

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