Penn Emblem Helps Australia’s Animals

For two weeks, the company collected gently used materials to then donate to crafters sewing protective items for the animals of Australia.

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The company collected over 70 blankets, sheets, and towels to help the animals affected by the Australia bushfires.

As the Australian bushfires have been the main headline across news channels and social feeds, affecting millions of animals, Penn Emblem wanted to do its part to help.

On January 3, the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild (ARCCG) put out a call for various items like bat wraps, nests, kangaroo pouches, and koala mittens, made from gently used materials, old blankets, and towels. Meanwhile, local crafters joined forces across the country to collect materials and sew items for donation.

Penn Emblem’s corporate office served as a collection hub for two weeks to gather as many gently used materials as possible to then donate to the crafters sewing protective items for the animals.

Within the two weeks, over 70 blankets, sheets, and towels were collected, filling four large garbage bags.

“Penn Emblem is proud to have been able to give our small contribution as quickly as possible so that no more harm can come to the suffering Australian animals,” says the company in a press release.

For those interested in helping, stay up to date on the guild’s Facebook page, where it posts its most current needs.

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