Next Level Apparel Expands Distributorship to UK

Next Level Apparel grows its international footprint with a distributorship in the United Kingdom. 

next level apparel
next level apparel

GARDENA, Calif.-Next Level Apparel grows its international footprint with a distributorship in the United Kingdom. The company says it’s expanding in the region through a partnership with England-based PenCarrie.

“We’re delighted to be launching our styles into the UK, and even more so to be launching with PenCarrie,” says Mark Seymour, CEO for Next Level Apparel. “We started with a simple but powerful idea, to create a favorite T crafted from superior fabrics and create a shirt that is made to inspire you. From there, we are dedicated to adding a new dynamic to the UK market and earning another loyal fan base, giving UK customers the freedom to choose a garment that takes softness and printability to the next level.”

The partnership grows PenCarrie’s inventory as well. The company is a wholesale clothing distributor for decoration and resale customers with a current catalog that boasts more than 90 apparel brands. PennCarrie’s clientele list includes diverse markets such as promotional goods, corporate apparel, and spirit wear niches.

“We’re very excited to be offering our customers a whole new range of exciting and dynamic styles,” says Tony Lock, marketing director for PenCarrie. “Next Level Apparel is very well established in the U.S., with success extending across Canada and Australia. Being able to offer our customers a range of high quality, original and tried and tested styles, will, in turn, give them the opportunity to offer their customers something new, that we firmly believe will inspire them.”

The companies plan to start offering Next Level in the UK beginning December 2018.

For more information, visit www.pencarrie.com.

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