News From the Field: University Seeks to Archive Reno’s Neon Signage

Like Las Vegas, the city of Reno, Nevada, has a rich history when it comes to neon signage.

neon signage
neon signage

KUNR, the National Public Radio station in Reno, Nevada, reports on preservation efforts by a professor at the University of Nevada-Reno to document the city’s signage, both past and present, in an online forum.

While others are working at preserving the actual physical signs that have been taken down, much like the Las Vegas Neon Museum, professor Katherine Hepworth wants to document them in something she calls the Reno Type Archive.

As KUNR reports, the neon signs that Hepworth says are a part of the city’s heritage are slowly-and in some cases not so slowly-going away. She’s out to change that.

To read the whole report click here.

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