News From the Field: If You Restore it They Will Come

Even more famous that its historic drive-in, if you know of Tiffin, Ohio, it's most likely because of Ballreich's Bros. potato chips, which are made there.

Tiffin Ohio Drive-In's neon sign being restored
Tiffin Ohio Drive-In’s neon sign being restored

Tiffin, Ohio, is a town in north-central Ohio, about 55 miles from Toledo, and it’s been the home of the Tiffin Drive-In-now called the Field of Dreams Drive-In Theater-since 1949. In honor of its 70th year in existence, a California man who is a neon specialist-and Tiffin native-is assisting the drive-in’s owners, Rodney and Donna Saunders, in restoring the theater’s historic neon sign, which has not adorned its entrance for many years. The neon artist, Michael Flechtner, has memories of the sign from when he was a kid growing up in Tiffin.

To read the Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune’s story of restoration, click here.

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