News From The Field: A Wrap Worth Saluting

It took two installers about 80 hours total to finish this wrap, according to the Kankakee (Illinois) Daily Journal.

A.N. Webber is a Kankakee, Illinois-based shipping company with a fleet of some 200 trucks, and one day the owner and the company president were having a chat and the subject of veterans came up. Roughly a quarter of the company’s workforce has served, so it’s a subject near and dear to the company’s culture. Out of that conversation came the idea for this wrap, which represents all five branches of U.S. military. Kudos to Fastlane Wraps of nearby Chebanse for the design and installation and to A.N. Webber for the inspiration.

Click here to read the story by Lee Provost in the Kankakee Daily Journal.

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