NEC Display Names VP of Quality Assurance, Service and R&D

The company's strategy is to put its quality assurance, service and R&D divisions essentially under the control of Kirt Yanke, who has been with NEC 29 years.

NEC Display Names VP of Quality Assurance, Service and R&D
NEC Display Names VP of Quality Assurance, Service and R&D

Chicago-based NEC Display Solutions, a provider of commercial LCD displays and monitors as well as digital and multimedia projectors, announces the appointment of Kirt Yanke as vice president of quality assurance, service, and research and development.

The company says Yanke has risen through its ranks during his 29-year tenure at NEC Display, starting as a product development engineer and, in the eight years prior to his recent promotion, serving as the company’s senior director of R&D and quality assurance.

Yanke’s new role as vice president of those departments involves fully merging NEC Display’s already closely tied quality assurance and service teams to maximize efficiency in resolving customer issues; offer and fulfill managed services; and ensure that the company’s product technologies are poised to remain competitive for years to come.

“Today’s ever-changing global business climate makes it more crucial than ever that we continue delivering reliable products featuring the latest technology,” Yanke says. “I look forward to advancing our total display solutions and managed services to differentiate us from the competition and meet the needs of our growing customer base.”

The company says Yanke’s former position involved working on the frontlines of new technologies and, while in that role, he was instrumental in developing a host of new NEC Display technologies that have helped propel the company forward.

“Kirt’s knowledge of product development and proven track record of advancing product standards is invaluable to NEC Display in our competitive and ever-evolving market,” says Todd Bouman, president and CEO of NEC Display Solutions of America. “With Kirt leading the charge of this newly combined organization, we will provide better support to our customers through a more efficient and unified approach to quality and service.”

Yanke serves on the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) through the Society for Information Display (SID), which helps set standards for display metrology. He also belongs to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and is part of its Technical Advisory Groups that work to define display measurements for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

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