North Carolina Sign Shop Scores Big With NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes

Fayetteville Minuteman Press Owner Jared Ostendorf shares how he became the go-to provider for the Hurricanes.

Jared Ostendorf has been the owner of the Minuteman Press franchise in Fayetteville, North Carolina, since July 2009. For nearly 15 years, Ostendorf has successfully grown his business by delivering high-quality products and outstanding customer service time and time again for his clients.

One such client that Ostendorf has been working with for the past few years is the Carolina Hurricanes. Since the 2021-22 NHL hockey season, Fayetteville Minuteman Press has been the go-to “print and sign provider” for the Hurricanes.

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Minuteman Press Owner Jared Ostendorf and family at the unveiling of the Carolina Hurricanes practice facility, the Invisalign Arena. Pictured L-R: Mia, Jared, Gabriela, and Willow Ostendorf along with Rod Brind’Amour, Head Coach, Carolina Hurricanes.

From Hurricanes season-ticket holder to printing partner

Prior to their professional partnership taking place, Ostendorf has been a huge fan and supporter of the Hurricanes. He shares, “Originally, I was a season ticket holder prior to becoming a corporate partner. When I heard about the opportunity to become the ‘print and sign provider of the Carolina Hurricanes’ I reached out and had lunch with one of their executives. After supplying a handful of professional references and answering questions centered around their sense of urgency and meeting deadlines, we shook hands and I told them I would do my best to meet their expectations.”

For the past three seasons, Ostendorf has delivered on that promise. He says, “We do all signage for the Carolina Hurricanes, who are the main tenant of the PNC Arena. We do the outside graphics on the PNC Arena, signage for the playoffs and win tracker, inside locker room graphics, dasher boards (the decals around the walls of the ice), graphics behind the benches, penalty boxes, Olympia ice resurfacer wraps, and more. We have had the opportunity to work with customers such as Pepsi, Chick-fil-A, Lexus, Invisalign, as well as the NHL directly.”

Ostendorf and his team at Fayetteville Minuteman Press have shown to be trusted partners who can meet tight deadlines for the Hurricanes. Ostendorf shares, “The first season we did the graphics, there was a really quick turnaround from the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs. With rain in the forecast days ahead and a kickoff tailgate party set for Saturday that same week, we literally walked into the arena as the crowd was exiting the last regular season game to install new graphics on the benches and penalty boxes. Once traffic cleared, we got to work around 11 p.m. to start on the outside graphics. We worked through the night to meet their deadline and they were very pleased with the results.”

Jim Ballweg is the vice president of corporate partnerships for the Carolina Hurricanes. Jim shares his experience working with Minuteman Press in Fayetteville, saying, “Jared and his entire team have been great to work with and there has not been one time since we have begun our partnership that they have not delivered a quality product with on-time installation. I have a saying that I live by every day – Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say – and that is what Jared and his team live by! Go Canes!”

As is expected with an NHL hockey team, everyone affiliated with advertising and promotions for the Carolina Hurricanes is under a timetable. Corporate sponsors are paying to advertise for the regular season as well as the playoffs so the bulk of our work comes just prior to opening night in October and the kickoff for the playoffs in April. We are proud of our work at Minuteman Press in delivering high-quality printing and signage for the Hurricanes and meeting the demands and deadlines of their sponsors and partners.

-Jared Ostendorf, owner, Minuteman Press, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Carolina Hurricanes PNC Arena Outside Graphics 3 Hurricanes Player Graphics
Carolina Hurricanes window graphics at the PNC Arena produced by Fayetteville Minuteman Press.

In addition to the PNC Arena, Ostendorf also provides the printing, signage, and graphics for the Hurricanes’ official practice facility, the Invisalign Arena. Ostendorf and his family had the chance to attend the unveiling of the arena when it first opened. Ostendorf says, “It was a real thrill to see all of our work come to fruition and get a personal look at the practice facility.”

Three seasons into the partnership, Ostendorf reflects, “We are extremely happy to be a corporate partner for the Carolina Hurricanes. There aren’t many opportunities to see our work on a national level so it’s been extremely rewarding. Everyone we work with within the organization are good people to start, which is the main reason why I think the organization has become so successful in recent years. From Don Waddell, the president and general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes to Rod Brind’Amour, the head coach of the Hurricanes, and all of the sales/marketing teams that we work with, all are just good people that treat us with the same amount of respect that we give them.”

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