NanoLumens Names New CEO

Ney Corsino has multiple decades of experiencxe as a technology industry executive.


Atlanta-based NanoLumens, makers of custom-built indoor and outdoor LED displays for a variety of markets, announces industry veteran Ney Corsino as its new CEO.

Following an intense search process in 2019, the company chose Corsino to lead the company’s introduction of its new customer-focused LED visualization solutions lineup it is introducing this year.

Corsino is an industry veteran with 20 years of executive leadership experience. His new company calls him “an ambitious and committed technology executive with a particularly strong background in the areas of sales, marketing and product management.”
The company also had this to say in its announcement of his hiring:

“Elements of Mr. Corsino’s vision have already materialized, as recent weeks have seen NanoLumens announce numerous developments to their products and operations. With their signature ability to create custom display features well established, the company announced a dramatic overhaul of their Engage Series line to deliver a high-performance, cost-competitive solution to the more mainstream display market.

“NanoLumens also debuted a new version of their display management software, AWARE 2.0, which was developed to leverage the power of the BrightSign platform. Coming months will see further developments to NanoLumens’ other product lines, including the recognizable Nixel Series line and their outdoor Performance Series line. And to bolster their reputation as a thought leader in the display space, the company launched an educational content series called Bright Thinking, which the company believes will give audiences a reliable source for continued learning.”

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