Minuteman Press Printing Franchise Celebrates Grand Reopening

Printing franchise owner Leslie Klein celebrates the renovations of her center and the return of local community events

Located at 8210 Wisconsin Avenue, Minuteman Press in Bethesda, Maryland, held its grand reopening event on May 15 in conjunction with the Rockville Chamber of Commerce. Owner Leslie Klein was thrilled to celebrate the renovations of her center and the return of local community events.

Klein explains, “We redid our lobby, added a new envelope printer, and rearranged our layout to optimize our production, and best serve our clients. It feels fantastic to celebrate our grand reopening!”

As she reflects on the reopening and the past year, Klein says, “The pandemic took its toll on everyone, and we are just thrilled to be able to move forward. Last year, we remained open as an essential business and continued to support and serve our community in any way we could. For example, I reached out to all of the local school districts, and we ended up printing and distributing 3,000 graduation yard signs, which was really gratifying.”

Today, Klein is happy to get back to business and get involved in networking events again.

“This past week alone, I received two jobs for orders from people who referred me from those events,” she says. “It feels great to get back out there and let people know what Minuteman Press in Bethesda is all about.”

Some of the high-demand items that Klein’s team provides to clients right now include bulk mailings, banners and signs, promotional products, and custom printing for events and trade shows.

She adds, “Community events are coming back, and this summer is already heating up for us. We have already been selected to be the print supplier for two golf tournaments. For one of the upcoming golf outings, we are producing 60 double-sided yard signs, retractable banners, table tents, and promotional magnets.”

“We are a small business with a team that works really well together. What I’ve learned is that print is here to stay, and we can assist our clients with customized products and services that make sense for their needs and their bottom lines.”

From nursing to printing

Before buying Minuteman Press in Bethesda in November 2019, Klein worked 25 years as a nurse and spent time raising her three children.

She says, “I loved being a nurse, but I always wanted to do something entrepreneurial for myself. My husband and I decided to go to the local franchise show in April 2019 because it was fun to see what opportunities were out there. I met Minuteman Press regional vice president Bob Heimbuch at the show and learned about printing. We did our research, the price was right, and by the middle of May, we put down a deposit for Minuteman Press in Bethesda.”

Klein says the company provided her with the tools she needed and wasn’t required to reinvent the wheel to make a business happen.

“I enjoyed being a nurse, but the hours were hard, and I left the field to raise my kids. I love what I am doing now, and I feel my quality of life and work-life balance are far superior than when I was working in hospitals,” she adds.

When asked about the rewards of owning her own business, she says, “My staff is absolutely amazing, and we work well together to best serve our customers. Being able to fulfill custom orders and keeping my clients happy is such a great feeling. Being able to learn and grow with them is my ultimate reward.”

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