Business Partners Open Minuteman Press Franchise in Michigan

Steve Karmo & Fady Mansour opened a Minuteman Press Franchise in Sylvan Lake, Michigan and share their keys to sales growth.

Minuteman Press
Owners Steve Karmo (left) & Fady Mansour (right) opened their new Minuteman Press franchise in Sylvan Lake, Michigan, in September of 2023. (Image courtesy Minuteman Press)

Business partners Steve Karmo and Fady Mansour opened their brand new Minuteman Press franchise in Sylvan Lake, Michigan in September 2023.

Karmo and Mansour have significantly built their business and have already achieved several key sales milestones. So, how did they do it?

Karmo shared, “We follow the Minuteman Press system, do a lot of networking, and have had a lot of support from our community. We also invest in the Minuteman Press internet marketing program and do very well with every door direct mail (EDDM). We’ve found that EDDM and direct mail are in high demand and we are happy to fulfill the design, printing, and mailing needs of our clients.”

Karmo and Mansour are both lifelong residents of Sylvan Lake and those deep ties to their community have really helped them grow their business. Karmo said, “We are from this area and so we have a lot of family and friends that have supported us.”

At the same time, Karmo added, “The other thing that helps is that printing simply works. Our clients are seeing results when they utilize our products and services to promote their businesses. We advise them to put valuable offers out there so they will really see the return on investment. I think the main value of what we do is that consumers receive printed offers that they physically hold in their hands. Having that tangible connection is huge and it definitely makes an impact.”

Prior to opening Minuteman Press in Sylvan Lake, Karmo was no stranger to the franchising world. He explained, “I was previously a franchisee of Save-A-Lot Food Stores and Firehouse Subs. I chose Minuteman Press because I like being able to serve almost all industries. Everyone needs something from us. We have both found the training and support to be tremendously helpful. Regional Vice President Rich DeRosa is always there when we need him; he’s been a real asset in supporting and guiding us along the way.”

For Karmo and Mansour, the rewards of owning their business go beyond the financial benefits. Karmo stated, “We just love making people happy by delivering quality products and services. The experience of seeing the look of a satisfied client and hearing their positive feedback never gets old.”

As for what advice they have for other owners, Karmo shared, “Internet and direct marketing are huge. If you put the effort into both of those areas, you will succeed over time.”

He concluded, “I’ve been in a few different franchises and I can truly say that I love this job the most. I wish I got into Minuteman Press a lot sooner.”

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