Minuteman Press Franchise Owner Sends Giant Thank You to Company President

Peter Castorena owns the Minuteman Press printing franchise in Lancaster, California. Already a member of the President’s Million-Dollar Circle for achieving yearly gross sales of at least $1 million, Castorena continues to grow sales despite the pandemic. He credits his team’s hard work, the loyalty of his business community, and the support of his franchisor Minuteman International.

Minuteman Press
Peter Castorena, Minuteman Press franchise owner.

He says, “There is nothing more that Minuteman Press International could have done to support franchise owners like me during this unprecedented time. We really appreciate the leadership and communication shown by Nick Titus (president), as well as the additional marketing resources and ongoing support we have received when we needed it most.”

Throughout the pandemic, high-demand products and services for the franchise location include wide-format printing and signage, direct mail, and custom branded apparel.

Castorena credits the team at Minuteman Press International for “pushing the envelope” even before the pandemic hit to ensure all franchisees have the ability to adapt, expand products and services, and quickly meet the needs of customers.

“Minuteman Press International reached out to us every day asking us how they can support us during this time, and they provided us with real, actionable feedback and answers to our questions. That was huge for us and my fellow Minuteman Press franchisees,” says Castorena. “We are lucky to have such high demand for our essential services, but with the support we have received from Minuteman International, luck had nothing to do with our ability to rise to the occasion.”

To show his appreciation for his franchisor, Castorena had a special surprise in store for Titus and the team at Minuteman Press International headquarters located across the country in Farmingdale, New York.

“Every year, I receive a rebate from our paper vendor that Minuteman Press International negotiates for all of its franchisees. I usually like to take that rebate and re-invest it into my business to make us better. This year, with all the unwavering support we received from everyone at World HQ, I wanted to pay it forward. I decided to send them something special.”

The surprise: A custom 8′ Minute Man Castorena hand made and delivered.

“When we first received this huge box, I had no idea what to expect. After we opened it up and saw what was inside, I was simply blown away. I called Peter, and he explained to me how much our support during COVID-19 meant to him,” says Titus. “For us as a team and for me personally, there is nothing more gratifying than helping our franchisees. The fact that he went out of his way to do this for us and send us this incredible piece, it’s really moving and also very cool.”

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