Minuteman Press Franchise in Winter Park, Florida Celebrates 25 Years

Owner Linda Sang shares her secrets to longevity and growth

In 1996, Linda Sang decided to leave the corporate world and join the Minuteman Press franchise and is now celebrating 25 years in business. Her daughter, Darcy, has been along for the ride, saying in a recent newsletter, “It was a world that none of us knew anything about, but would quickly learn as every available hand was recruited to answer phones, hand-collate and staple jobs, and market the business for our intrepid leader. And we have been doing it ever since.”

Being in business for over 25 years, Sang shares her biggest keys to longevity and growth. She says, “We keep pushing to get new customers in various methods. The pandemic initially cut down on the door-to-door marketing that has always been successful in the past for us. We currently do more social media, thanks to my daughter, Darcy, and some direct mail campaigns targeting local businesses and new businesses.”

She adds that she’s attentive to her customers and keeps them informed on solutions and options for their needs. The Winter Park team responds to emails swiftly, turns quotes around fast, typically within the same day.

“When we make deliveries, each customer gets a ‘goody bag’ with notepads and other branded items. Many customers get excited about our deliveries, sometimes even more so for our giveaways rather than their finished jobs,” Sang says.

Minuteman Press Winter Park FL - Darcy and Linda Sang Retro Photo
Darcy and Linda Sang marketing their Minuteman Press franchise in Winter Park, Florida, at a community event in the early years of operating their business. (Image courtesy Minuteman Press)

She reflects on the family business and loyalty, saying, “In our case, Darcy and I work together well and have the same goals and work ethic. My husband Kelly is semi-retired and helps out when we need him. When you have this situation, you don’t have to worry about someone showing up to work or leaving for other opportunities. There is always loyalty. We also find it key to treat our employees as if they are family as well.  Not only does it create a pleasant working environment, but loyalty builds as well. We work lean and mean, which makes for some long days, but when you trust your employees and family, it is truly a joy.”

Over the past two years, Sang and her team have utilized various digital and print marketing tools available to them.

She says, “We have gotten more into social media than in the past and have worked on getting high Google ratings, as customers do look at reviews. We do find that we are getting a lot of requests from Google and the Minuteman Press Internet Marketing program. We also test out the suggested methods from Minuteman Press corporate (such as the lumpy mailer and direct mail campaigns) and see what works best for us and our customer base. Otherwise, we are simply doing what we have always done through the years — provide solid customer relations.”

What’s next for Minuteman Press in Winter Park? Sang says, “We hope to grow this year by reaching out to new prospective customers and generating more referrals.”

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