Miller Weldmaster Appoints New President

In more than two decades working at the company Nussbaum has worked in most aspects of the business.

Miller Weldmaster Appoints New President
Miller Weldmaster Appoints New President

Navarre, Ohio-based vinyl welding equipment manufacturer Miller Weldmaster announces the appointment of Brent Nussbaum as its new president, succeeding Scott Miller.

Nussbaum has been with the company for more than 21 years, starting out when he was a student working in a co-op program, but over the years he has worked in most of the company’s departments, including manufacturing, field service, engineering and sales.

“I’m incredibly humbled to be in this new role,” Nussbaum says. “Miller Weldmaster is much more than an equipment manufacturer. I love when people come through our doors and we get to show them who we are, not just as a company, but as a culture. I look forward to helping our teammates grow in both their personal and professional lives.”

Miller, who will continue in his role as the company’s owner, says that Nussbaum was promoted due to his knowledge and experience in all areas of the business.

“He recognizes valuing the importance of our people and taking care of our customers, which leads to the success of Miller Weldmaster,” Miller says. “Brent brings great balance to the company because he understands the importance of all our departments and roles. He can see the business through the eyes of our people and our customers which is very important when making decisions ‘to do the right thing.’ I admire his values, as well as his ethical and moral beliefs; this is what our people and our customers need.”

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